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#10 Assume it is a simple as purchasing one copy of the different software packages / modules and asking a young computer savvy project engineer to “try it.”认为BIM跟购买几个不同软件那么简单,只是让一个熟悉电脑的年轻项目工程师去试一试。

#9 Hire a good modeling person who has not had experience with the 3 key construction skills: constructability and coordination; quantity take-off and estimating; and scheduling planning and schedule production control. 聘请一个具备良好建模能力但没有如下3个关键施工技能经验的人:1、可施工性和协调;2、工程量和预算;3、施工计划和生产管理。

#8 Assume that your project teams will embrace new tactics without adequate corporate planning and support.假设项目团队可以在没有适当公司计划和支持的前提下接受新技术。

#7 Push as much of the BIM contract requirements down to the subcontractors as possible so that your company is not controlling the quality of the effort. 尽可能把BIM合同上的要求推给分包商以致您自己的公司不控制工作质量。

#6 Don’t treat 5D BIM as a Strategic Opportunity to differentiate your company from others.


#5 Don’t invest time with the Senior Executive team, explaining how the systems work and how they could (if you choose) become integrated part of your processes. 没有花时间同公司高管交流,解释BIM如何工作以及如何和现有流程集成。

#4 Assume that your company currently has an Estimating Database that contains all the information that your Estimators use to prepare an accurate proposal for a project, or the detailed cost breakdown later. 认为公司目前已经有一个包含所有信息的造价数据库,造价师可以使用它们做出精确项目建议,或者详细成本分解。

#3 Mandate that in order to use 5D BIM, it must do everything that you do today the same way. In other words you are not willing to change processes to become more effective. 强制完全按照目前的工作方法做BIM的每一件事情,换言之即不愿意改变工作流程使之更有效。

#2 Don’t have a written plan covering at least 12 months of your BIM initiative. 没有一个至少可以覆盖12个月的BIM书面计划。

#1 Assume that using BIM for clash detection and coordination makes your company an expert in BIM, you’ll find there are others who are much, much more skilled. 认为只要会使用BIM做碰撞检查和协调就成为BIM专家了,您会发现其他公司会做的事情要比这个多得多。
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