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译者:肖万涛  著名紫天SketchUp中文网志 博主

Trimble天宝近日推出的SketchUp Pro文件导入和导出功能,集成在它的Trimble Business Center软件中。天宝通过支持从SketchUp Pro模型数据,扩展其能力,用以支持测量和施工流程。天宝从谷歌在2012年收购了SketchUp,使用SketchUp Pro建筑师和工程师们能够轻松地创建三维可视化模型。

作为天宝的解决方案套件的一部分,Trimble Business Center完全集成了施工现场解决方案,使测量师,工程师,和地理空间专家可以编辑、处理和调整生成高品质可交付的数据。

“通过添加支持SketchUp Pro模型到我们的Trimble Business Center,我们可以进一步整合处理针对测量及施工流程中的建模能力”,天宝测量解决方案的业务区域总监阿兰 萨马哈说, “这种集成可以帮助确保测量和工程公司的工作提供可靠的、准确的数据和模型,从而提高生产力。”
除了可以导入SketchUp Pro模型外,现在Trimble Business Center允许测量师直接在工程师和建筑师所建立的SketchUp Pro模型上,生成标记点并导入Trimble Access™软件用于现场放样。Trimble Business Center的导出功能还可将测量数据导回到SketchUp Pro中与原始模型进度对比,从而及时发现施工中的问题。

“这种新的工作流程功能是令人兴奋的,它可以增强测量师和工程师间的专业合作, 使得更加紧密,将三维可视化模型放入到更加真实的地理空间中” Trimble建筑部总监 Christopher Keating说:“此外,精确的测量数据现在可以被有效的沟通,从施工现场到办公室,使用SketchUp Pro2013可以提供更快和更高效的设计工作。”

支持SketchUp文件的Trimble Business CenterV2.9&V3.0现在可以通过天宝的分销渠道获得。SketchUp Pro的2013可通过SketchUp的网上商店, SketchUp的销售团队或SketchUp的经销商渠道经销商购买。关于SketchUp欲了解更多信息,请访问:。


原文:Trimble Extends Survey and Engineering Workflow Support with SketchUp File Integration

Trimble  introduced today integration of SketchUp file import and export capabilities in its Trimble  Business Center office software. By supporting model data from SketchUp, Trimble extends its capability to support survey and engineering organizations across their entire workflow. Acquired by Trimble from Google in 2012, SketchUp Pro is used by architects and engineers to easily create 3D models for visualization of structures.

As part of Trimble’s suite of solutions, Trimble Business Center is the office software that fully integrates with Trimble’s field solutions allowing surveyors, engineers, and geospatial professionals to edit, process and adjust data to produce high-quality deliverables.

“By adding SketchUp model support into our Trimble Business Center software, we further integrate the survey and engineering workflow with processing and modeling capabilities,” said Alain Samaha, business area director for Trimble’s Survey Solutions. “This integration can help ensure that survey and engineering companies are working with reliable, accurate data and models to enable improved productivity.”

With the addition of SketchUp import support, Trimble Business Center now allows surveyors to calculate points based on 3D SketchUp Pro models generated by engineers and architects and transfer those points into Trimble Access(TM) field software for field work. Trimble Business Center’s exporter functionality routes survey data back into SketchUp and provides survey and engineering companies and architects with a timely and accurate portrayal of the land layout as they begin design work.

“The new workflow capabilities that this data interoperability path can provide are exciting. It can enable increased collaboration between surveyors and construction design professionals, who can now make compelling new 3D visualizations of projects that include realistic representations of buildings and other such structures in real-world geospatial context,” said Christopher Keating, business area director for SketchUp. “In addition, precise survey data can now be efficiently communicated from the field to the office, providing faster and more efficient design work in SketchUp 2013 for new construction projects of all types.”

Trimble Business Center v2.9 & v3.0 with SketchUp file support are available now through Trimble’s Survey Distribution Channel. SketchUp Pro 2013 is available for purchase through the SketchUp online store, the SketchUp sales team or the SketchUp reseller channel. For more information about SketchUp, visit: